“This letter is written to highly recommend hiring Lorrie Slonchka as a professional home organizer.  From personal experience, I have found Lorrie exudes giftedness for putting homes in order.  Her attention to thoroughness in detail goes beyond my associations with anyone else in this line of work.

When my husband and I moved to a new home, we needed help in organization and decorating.  Work was needed in each of the rooms, including the basement and the garage.  As the wife, I became energized by Lorrie’s creative ideas throughout the home, including the closets and shelves.  Every room was planned out to the last detail.  I appreciated her openness and honesty in regards to the best use of space, along with the arrangement of items and furniture.  We found that the new order in our home simplified our life and saved us a lot of time.

Lorrie’s enthusiasm and cheerfulness, along with her energy and strength, lightened the enormous job.  She was always a joy to work with, being considerate of our personal taste and style.  Using flexibility, she made suggestions, but gracefully left the final decisions to us.

When there is a need for a professional organizer in your home,  I guarantee you will never find anyone more dedicated and hard working than Lorrie Slonchka.  Her competent skills will bring a fresh new order into your living space.”

-Susan Frederick, Kennedy Township


“I am recommending Lorrie Slonchka as a professional organizer.  She is extremely trustworthy and hard working.  She is flexible and works with you.  She is also sensitive to your needs and will work in conjunction with your requests in order to get the best results possible.

Lorrie helped to sort and clean out my garage, which was packed full of stuff.  We accomplished more than I thought possible and I am very pleased with the results.  She had some creative ideas that I hadn’t thought to do, which turned out to work quite well.”

-Nadine Gadsby, Robinson Township